Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Hoarder of a Different Kind

In Chichicaste , Central America, they only have running water till noon, only the mayor owns a vehicle and there may be 3 TV's in the whole village. And as far as the bathroom situation - - we won't go there, I know I was there. 

I used to collect all the different coffee cups I would get, that may have stemmed from collecting different soda bottles through out the years. 2 years ago I threw away 3 milk crates full of random soda bottles - this is what I have left. 

While I was in Chichicaste we had these little plastic yogurt cups. I can't remember if there was ever  yogurt in them or not (we didn't have refrigeration),  but I remember they were little plastic cups. The first night we were there we buried all our trash at the end of the day. The next morning the kids were running around with those cups - they were a treasure!

That's not why I hoard, I am just fascinated with "things". 

I've recently started collecting the labels off of cans. The art work on cans is interesting  I once saw an Antiques Roadshow where someone had found tins cans from the late 1800's. The artwork was drastically different.

I like the common, the everyday simplicity. Like the moments of life. The simple, timeless moments of enjoyment. Things like the moon (when visible), never being the same. The clouds racing across the sky....or not. It is here, when I stop, I find joy and happiness. When I stop the world, and look at labels and common things. My brain moves to fast most often. I am always trying to slow it down......way down, so I can see. 

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