Friday, June 14, 2013

bonnaroo eve

view from my tent

The adventures of life and where/when/who you experience them with. 

In 2012 I experienced bonnaroo, 'roo was like nothing I had ever experienced. It was freeing and intimidating. It was joyful and like learning to fly. 

I think it helped me learn to fly. 

Timing is everything in life. And the timing that brought me to this venture was phenomenal. The music was crazy great. Bon Iver became my favorite band for a year after this event and Radiohead left me numb. The Civil Wars passion was intoxicating and Fun's performance was like watching a band come of age.  

I've said that bonnaroo is a music lover's paradise. If you are crazy about music - this is the place to be. 

But the takeaway was not the music. It was the people. 
Jessica and Russ
Nicole, Lacy and Tanya
Adam and whathis name who had a 90 something year old grandpop who were from one of the Dakotas. 
The Louisiana neighbors (Nick, Zach and Ben) and the youngsters behind us. 
Sam and the Tennessee clan who had everything one could need. 
And countless more. 

They were the takeaway. 

They were the inspiration. 

They were the real joy. 

They were what lives on, and on, in my soul. 

Leaving boxes of pop-tarts on the car with a sign that said "free" and returning to find them gone. Finding a note wrapped in plastic (rain) from our MN. neighbors saying "hey, great to meet you!" The music was beyond words, but experiencing it with others was the real joy. 

When we arrived it was like the Oklahoma land rush. 
Cars rushing up to their spot after spending 1-20 hours driving to get to this point,parking and pouring out to claim your campsite. The sky dark. 10:30 PM. Tents pitched. People talking. Taylor wanders to the bathroom ad-mist a sea of cars only to not find his way back until he called me (cell phones). 

Crawling into our newly created homes in a field in Tennessee, with 10's of thousands of people. All gathered to be free, show love and share the moments. Where moments mattered. 

It was in that tent where the fear arose. What am I doing here? What is going to happen? This is madness and it was above that madness that slowly from all around the peoples voices swelled up saying "bonnaroooooooooo", and my fear became greater in anticipation of an event that helped me realize who I was, who I am and to connect even further with myself in that freedom. 

That night was intimidating. The days were a bit overwhelming. And on this eve of bonnaroo 2013 I must say- I miss you bonnaroo. I wish I was there. I wish I could meet even more people. I wish I could experience you. 

2014 I think I am yours- God willing. 

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