Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Le Mis (short version) =

Isnt it in the beginning that the protagonist of Le Miz stays with a local priest and steals his fine silver? After stealing the silver, the thief is captured and returned to the priest and the priest says "he gave the man his silver"! Allowing the thief to be not only forgiven but to go free and GET THE SILVER!!!

And we all LOVE this. Love the character, love the priest's actions and yet.....we do not do as we see, do we.

Why do we love this and fail to do the same and even go so far as to loathe people that beg and steal who are not far from the Jean Valjean character.

Jean Valjean is just a performance right? A character taken from someone's imagination who is either at any given moment; a play, performance, movie and one day, perhaps, a television show.

And where did Victor Hugo the  writer come up with such stuff? Do you think he witnessed some people like his very characters within his lifetime. I think so. Maybe Mr. Hugo saw them differently. Saw the potential and believed in them. Do we, should we?

I cannot imagine that priest....someone I did not know. Who gave me care, whom I stole from, actually vouching for me, but he did. Not only did he vouch for me but he believed in me.

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