Tuesday, February 04, 2014

details details DETAILS

Everything is in the details. And twitter exacts out those seconds making them all that fleeting and yet meaningful at the same moment. 

Spontaneity at a concert is not spontaneity as much as practiced music and yet to the listener. the watcher it seems  unrehearsed and performed as improvisational, and yet, it is not. 

So what is real, what is timed and what does it all mean? 

It is all real, every moment of it. Every single solitary delectable second of today is as real as it will ever get and most of those seconds are spent without regard to their value. 

There's this song - Out Loud and it's about hearing someone, someone you care about and someone who cares about you - this someone calls your name, calls your name Out Loud. 

So again. Not sure this blog post is cohesive, but I know I love,and I do mean LOVE,when someone, anyone out of love, out of caring,calls my name, calls my name Out Loud. When I hear my name It is like a song. I love it. 

My dad called me "Tater" and I love that nickname. My children, whenever they call me "daddy" it is like the most delectable delicious sound one could ever hear. 

Anytime you use the word "delactable" twice when you are not talking about food in any form of written essay....that essay is over.



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