Wednesday, February 26, 2014

for those i love

"he who is often reproved, yet stiffens his neck. 
will suddenly be broken beyond healing"

Being reprimanded, scolded or reproofed often causes a certain mechanism within my persona to rear up. That mechanism is sarcasm, facetiousness, defensiveness and even lashing out, especially to those closest to me. 

And yet here is wisdom that states we are not to lash out, and if we do "we will suddenly be broken beyond healing".  "Broken beyond healing!!" That's what I call a "heavy metal" statement. 

I tend to take criticism from my bosses and others who are not close to me fairly well. It is the criticism from those closest to me that causes me to....well....lash out or sulk and yet those people, the ones closest to me are the ones who care about me the most, love me and offer that reproofing out of that love. 

So where do we go with this. 

Pretty simple...'eh. Let the reprimanding and scolding be music to your ears. Let it be like honey sweet and nurturing, let it be welcomed, for upon doing that, we will we not be broken beyond repair, but I believe we will be a better person.

And I want to be a better person. 

Written while listening to the Flaming Lips "Do you realize" Inspired by a devotional by Keith Hodges on Proverbs 29 and more importantly my wife who takes my deepest lashings. Thank you for your love and forgiveness Margaret. Thank you. 

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