Friday, June 06, 2014

SOS - - SOS - - SOS - - SOS

THE distress signal to end all distress signals.

My answer is always - - - "this world is not my home". A friend of mine, when he hears of a mega-tragedy says, "Lord, come quickly".

I call heaven home, I answer to God as much as I can, I fail miserably, but I try.

I just heard some SOS info. Some good acquaintances  in a bit of a family turmoil. Things hurt, no doubt.

Jesus forgives us all - - for everything - - always.
People......well......not always so.

Jesus teaches humility and 

"faithfulness" least favorite...

and I love absolutely love, love, love the last line of this verse...
"against such things there is no law"
there is no law against kindness!

and so...amidst the distress of an SOS...
should we forgive 
should we treat others how we want to be treated?
are there truly unforgivable  actions?

love to love
give to give
your sos's have been answered

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