Sunday, August 24, 2014

teacher, teacher teach me love

My wife and I watch CHOPPED. A group of competitors with a basket of unknown food preparing for professional chefs. After each round someone is "chopped". 
The competitors are normally adults with a cooking background. But the ingenuity of progress led to what became known as the "CHOPPED Teen Tournament"

Money and 15 seconds of fame are at stake. 
For the adults chefs - $10,000 dollars
 For the teen CHOPPED Champion - $25k in prize money,a culinary scholarship worth $40,000 (and of course 15 seconds of fame).

Television is entertaining and competitions can be inspiring, but what is it that caught my attention during this CHOPPED series?

It was the teens. 

When the adults compete upon being "chopped" most competitors have different responses to being chopped. Some sad, some disappointed and some feel cheated. Some feel challenged and yes, some are willing to tip their hat to the people who beat them out, but not the teens. In round after round, sure the teen who was chopped was sad at the loss. Some to the point of tears. But yet, they were happy to have had not only the opportunity, but happy for the other person. The person who beat them out. Happy to the point of hugs, tears of joy and happy to the point of elation for their fellow human being. 

That is the eyes of a child. May we all see that way.

"teacher, teacher teach me love....i can't learn it fast enough" Rockpile

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