Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New Study Links Intelligence to Driving Habits

A recent study of New Jersey drivers showed that the use of headlights during dawn, dusk and inclimate weather is a sign of superior intelligence among humans.

Research conducted over 47 years thru diligent observations has been accredited among top philosophers in the Delaware Valley.

Studies further cited that people who use their blinkers within the required 100 feet prior to turning were of the highest IQ level.

The final results are as follows; if a driver exhibits all four of the following traits below, they are a person of uber intelligence.

How many of these do you practice?

a) headlight use at dusk and dawn
b) headlight use during inclimate weather
c) proper 100' blinker use prior to turn
d) snow removal from car roof*
These folks were not only found to be of incredible intelligence, but also, accumulated  great wealth, so much in fact that most had private drivers.

*snow removal from car rooftops was found to be of intelligence equivalent to Albert Einstein 

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