Saturday, December 03, 2005

back in the day my grandpop used craftsman tools from sears...which i do prefer. for building supplies and other stuff we would go to rickels which was the home improvement place of the 70's. today we have home depot....phew....aren't we glad? i contribute soooo much to home depot its not funny. today i finished off an emergency drain (underground outside of my house) problem...this is the second of this type of problem in two years...solution...don't buy a 100 yr old house. i spent about 150.00 @ home depot which included a snake rental since i was in unchartered drain regions, i thought it best to snake. it was quite an adventure it took me two full days. i am not sure of the benefits...i do feel like more of a man whenever i succesfully complete these projects and when i don't....well....yup, less of a man. speaking of manly....i saw Walk the Line last nite....i will review it later in full detail till then rest assured it will receive an overall A.

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adam said...

I spend too much at Moe's. I feel like more of a man afterwards, but then again I actually am more of a man (gaining weight).