Friday, December 02, 2005

Dec 2, 2006

I just heard the news.....that today, Dec 2, 2006 is the only one of these we will ever get.
It wasn't in the paper or on the news but I have good sources and they have told me that this is the only Dec 2, 2006 ever made.
If that is the case.....I am going to take advantage of it....what the heck! I am going to use every minute wisely, I am going to look at today as in it's uniqueness and appreciate it for what it is....Dec 2, 2006

My sources have also told me that tomorrow is very similar in that there has only been one Dec 3, 2006 ever made and it is coming tomorrow. I am so excited!
take advantage of every single one of them


Kristen said...

Survivor parties? Oh I've never wanted to be in NJ before, but I would love to hang out with people who wanted to watch!! Thursdays are David's guy nights, so I'm all by my lonesome. Next week, I'll order a pizza and think of all you!

Anonymous said...

NJ & You---perfect together
the Garden State