Monday, December 05, 2005

what I am doing 2day

I am traveling to NYC by Amtrak in just a bit to see if we should put one of our store concepts on the Seaport in NYC. I am very optimistic and excited....I am 90% sure this store would come under my region. We have also just signed a lease to expand our Philly stores from 4 to 5 and we our expanding one of our existing stores (doubling it's retail space) while all of this means more $$ in my pocket and I am excited it also means more work and possibly more time awat from home. I will have to become a super manager in order to work this.
This does not include many other opportunites we are always looking at and potentially expanding into outher markets.


flick said...

Its always exciting to open a new store...can you afford my help?

Matt Jag said...

Hey Tate congrats on this New York store that you guyz are looking at.. I hope it becomes under your belt to run the store but things have their pros and cons like away from home.. We'd all miss you and stuff like that..but altogether i hope all this stuff goes well.. I didn't mean to make this a sad reply if it seems that way..

adam said...

I am praying that all ends as you would like.