Thursday, January 05, 2006

college football

so folks....i am sick as a dog! Not sure what that phrase means or where it comes from, but i am living it. Got to watch the whole mine tragedy and lots of CNN and another meaningless television like the lifestory of Jessica and Ashlee.

But the BIG story today is....I watched college football last nite. WOW! I only watched the last qtr so don't get too excited....IMPRESSIVE. I really thought USC was going to win. That was a great game and I love a good head to head game.
Vince Young literally walked touchdowns in....he saw opportunity and grabbed it. I had never seen him or Bush play before so it was truly a treat. That touchdown by Bush (airborne) was classic.....Big E for effort.
Vince Young wanted the game and MADE it happen, plain and simple.....he was in a position to make it happen and he did.

I think I have slept on average of 15 hours a day this week. Can't wait till I'm better.
Remember....everyday is a winding road.


Matt Jag said...

Get well my friend..

adam said...

Praying for your recovery.

Chris said...

Sorry to hear about your illness. Hope you feel better soon! The game was good I must admit. Between that and the Penn State marathon I did not get much sleep this week. I really do enjoy college more than pro football. We'll say a prayer for you (and Margaret's) speedy recovery.

flick said...

VY is a football stud, no doubt. And it was a great game. So many people told me they turned the game off be3cause they thought it was over, and didn't get to watch Texas win.