Monday, January 23, 2006

the lost month of january

this past month has truly been a lost month for me....sure i got a lot accomplished....and i do mean a lot. the bottom line is..........I AM BACK!

i have been down and out----sick----confused, bef uddled not to mention seriously preoccuppied, but if one thing made January a lost month for me it was being sick, i don't recommend it.

Today----Monday, January 23rd is a brand spanking new week and ladies and gents.....the tater is back! I would like to thank my wife, the beautiful one, for sticking by me thru January 2006. I could not have done it w/o her, also my children they have given me support when I was down and out and lastly I would like to thank God.....sure we both know I seriously questioned you (God that is) during some MAJOR upheavels and i certainly called upon you and wondered aloud to the purposes of my illness(s) as I begged forgiveness of my sins, but thru it all, you again have stuck by me and still love me and for this I thank you.

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adam said...

glad to have you back!