Saturday, September 08, 2007

fast life

Friday August 31st Washington DC
Saturday September 1st Washintgon DC
Sunday September 2nd Leave Washington to Philly aka South Jersey HOME!
Monday September 3rd Leave South Jersey for NYC
Tuesday September 4th NYC head home to South Jersey in the evening
Wednesday September 5th---work in Philly-stay home
Thursday September 6th Head to DC to work and spend the nite
Friday September 7th leave DC on the 7:25 AM train, get home @ 10 AM and go set the race in the Pine Barrens.
Saturday September the race and get home @ 5 PM to prepare for bible class and worship leading tomorrow.
Where did this week go?
sometimes methinks i work to hard @ everything.
i'm tired
Our beloved cat is still missing.
Mona my newest daughter and our 2nd german left on Fri afternoon.
We have a meeting right after service tomorrow...

thank God for Jonathan and Nate for cutting the church lawn for me today...I don't think I could have done it (but I would have).

with great love,


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