Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's business.....just business


I hear the phrase "it's about business" a lot.
I don't get it......My business life is just as much a reflection of who I am as is my personal life and frankly if my professional side does not reflect my personal side....then WHO AM I?
Stand up people----for what you believe. Stop giving in 'cause it's easy. Stop giving in to everyone and everything for what is the the what stands the test of time----and WHAT, YOU MAY ASK STANDS THE TEST OF TIME??!!

people and their souls are the only thing that will ever stand beyond your lifetime. If you spread love and encouragment to others and they spread love and encouragment to others and so on and so forth......the test of time has stood. Nothing can break love, nothing.

It's not about business people and it's not about's about love and love is is God.

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flick said...

God is love, and He does stand the test of time. So true, so true.