Monday, November 08, 2010

so you, thought you, might like to, go to the show

It's 7:45ish and my bud just called and said he has a tix for tonight's performance of The Wall. The train is now leaving Wilmington DE. I have my guitar and two bags of luggage and need to get transportation to the show. He said Roger does not hit the stage till 8:20...I asked him to tell Roger to go on at 9. Fat Chance.

To be cont.

Wil hooked me up, dropped my bags at the Amtrak counter for 3 bucks each and I can pick them up in the AM.
Trained it to the "Wells Fargo Center" and made it to the show by 8:45, one hour after getting the news. I missed a bit, but saw PLENTY. This did not resemble a typical concert---I mean it was Pink Floyd (aka Roger Waters) and yes I have now seen Floyd (at least a semblance of them) . I will be posting a full review on my concert review blog. stay tuned.

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