Tuesday, July 22, 2014

the narrow path

at the end of the day......

everyone makes their own way in this world - - -RIGHT?

what if, what I've done 
asafatherahusbandaman has caused pain ?

what if, someone has been influenced to the point of depression by what I have or have not done?

what if, they are in a circle of depression that gets worse because of what i have or haven't done?

do we take the blame or leave it.

if they cant rescue themselves do i leave it to them to figure out or do i try to make what is wrong right?

what if you don't know what is wrong?

what if you are following the pattern of maturity that you grew up with, and have tried to break the bad habits of that pattern only to fall short?

what if failure leads to pain and pain leads to failure and the circle goes on?

sure I've broken from the path and learned how to move on, but what if very one you love has deaf ears and cannot hear your calls and advice and they continue on in a spiral of hurt?

at the end of the day to we just move on?

what if it is your son

when do you move on?

Did the father of the prodigal son ever "move on"?

isnt love the deciding factor?

to continue is a seemingly never ending path and to give up, is what they have done. 

at the end of the day

we must continue
we must go on
we must love
we must hope

we must believe in ourselves and love ourselves, but we must do the same for others. 

"but in humility count others more significant than ourselves - look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others" God's word. 

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