Saturday, July 26, 2014

the take-aways

Last week.....eons ago. A week where I heard not a sound from a radio, TV and nor did I ever ride in anything more powerful than a golf cart. No traffic lights and no traffic. And not one bit of advertising ever graced my eyes. 

Three meals a day and comradely like it should be.

And once home the two things that I knew in my heart of hearts from last week are there, but at times....drifting away as the world grips me into it's talons. 

The traffic has reared it's head and yet.....the cars are just filled with people, beautiful, beautiful people...but my eyes are selfish and all I tend to see are obstacles in my path. 

The rush hours on the trains are again filled with lifeless eyes. People shuffling along without purpose or meaning....and I again judge that they have no purpose or meaning as I shuffle alongside of them. 

those two things still ring true in my heart though....if I pick through the debris of this world I can see them plainly and clear as I see my reflection in a mirror. As clear as a glass of clean water. 

God is good - All the time and All the time - God is good

Jesus LOVES me 

these are my take-aways from a week 
that did not have the horrors of the world looming in my face. 
that's what has been left in my heart
may I always seek them. and seek them with my heart. 

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