Tuesday, October 21, 2014


"As far as my eyes can see, white and gray grave markers line the earth,  each with a tiny bit of information. Name, years lived, maybe a nice quote. But not enough to really let you know who these people were. I wonder if each marker has a story...."

The stories we tell are the stories we live. They are of the moment(s) and nothing more. 

I just finished the last available book from Matthew Quick, and I am moved. 

His books hit a note with me and inspire me to live life. They are simple stories, stories of imaginary characters, imaginary in our minds, but brought to life on paper. 

I hope you are inspired to pick up one, if not all- 

Silver Linings Playbook

Sorta Like a Rockstar

Boy21 (what I just finished and where the quote is from)

Forgive me, Leonard Peacock

The  Good Luck of Right Now

I recommend them all. 

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