Wednesday, October 01, 2014


Pictured is the ROMAN FORUM with ruins from the 7th century BC. There may be as many as five temples celebrating different gods in this picture

I was going to title this "30,000 gods vs. one", I could not find the motivation.

We were told, while touring the Roman Forum, that the Romans had up to 30,000 gods, and on a whim of a passing flock of birds, would take that as a sign, an omen, and take it for whatever they thought it to be, and with that possibly create a god.

Instead it is titled "flower".

I have met some wonderful people. Three of those stand out. Mario, Giuseppe and Fiora.

They were not your average people. They had heart. Real heart. A heart as true and strong as the day is long. The kind of people that when you meet them.....they inspire you, and you can only hope you do the same for them.

I know they were working whenever I encountered them. They were after all the lone hotel staff where Margaret and I stayed for several days, but there was something going on beyond the normal courtesies.

The Badia di Pomaio, where we stayed,  is a beautiful old abbey from 1645. 

That is all it is, a building, historic yes, but just a building. It is the people that bring it to life.
Without people we are nothing.

Fiora, Giuseppe and Mario brought life to the Badia di Pomaio. Life with heart.

I miss them.

They are beautiful.

May God bless them and keep them.

May God bless and keep you.

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