Friday, March 20, 2015

from pure joy to negative emotions in ten minutes or less.

And the morning starts out ever so beautifully. The morning light working it's way into the day. The wildlife bustling and hustling in their routine.

6AM. wake-up, make coffee, pack for a two day work trip. Prepare a note for mechanic to drop truck off for reinspection, shower, clean truck out (quickly), knock out some minor dishwashing, toss the shedding lilies out till I can get more flowers, rewrite note to repair shop (forgot some things), gently lay with Margaret before leaving, snuggle.

Drive truck to repair shop, walk to Patco enjoying the heavy flurry of snow, make an incredibly positive fb post. Walk with a skip in my step.

Get to train station and wait and wait and wait and wait and begin to lose said skip continuing to wait KNOWING that my 8:42 AM train to DC will not wait and my cushion of 12+ minutes is going away with each passing second.

The train arrives over 20 minutes late.

My mind has totally rearranged my day since the chances of me making my Amtrak train are all but dissipated.

Where did my joy go, that skip in my step that was present not even 20 minutes ago?

I know I still have it, but I totally let a late train negate my joy and my emotions are starting to run rampant.

There was nothing I could do arriving on the 2nd train platform of the day (Septa) with 22 minutes till the Regional Amtrak departs.

It all worked out, it always does. Not worthy of  miracle status or maybe so.

Maybe we need to measure the seconds a little better, maybe it is in the detail of time where we find godly joy.

I stand now, waiting for the Regional Amtrak to's about 3 minutes out, so they say....meanwhile I listen, hoping to notice the seconds as they occur.

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