Thursday, February 23, 2006


January 24th, 2005
a quarter of a billion songs had been downloaded

July 19th, 2005
the 500 millionth song, Faith Hill's “Mississippi Girl”

February 23, 2006
one billion songs bought and paid for through itunes

2001 itunes is available for Macs

2003 itunes is available for the rest of the world (windows users)

I have to-date, 7,490 items on my ipod of which I have obtained 91 of them thru itunes

In 1999 a college student, Shawn spent 60 hours in one sitting writing code to develop Napster Thank you Shawn

I remember mixing tapes on cassette tapes. I remember buying albums and being fascinated with the art work. I remember buying needles for record players. I remember buying 45's at a department store. My first four ablums were:

Steve Miller--Fly Like an Eagle 8 track

Aerosmith-- Toys in the Attic LP

War-- Greatest Hits LP

Electric Light Orchestra-- A New World Record LP

I remember when I was young I used to play in the sun.....shine on you crazy diamond



Matt Jag said...

You gotta love technology... I'm a geek.. I bask in it..

mar said...

my first albulms were physical grafiti which had a really cool cover adn the partridge family christmas album, also cool cover. which btw i have both on cd

adam said...

Yeah my first albums were:

Run DMC - Raising hell

Billy Ocean - Love Zone

Prince and the New Generation - Purple Reign

Michael Jackson - Thriller

I didn't know I was white until I was 12, I think.