Tuesday, February 07, 2006


today's question

so i drove in from South Jersey to Sudbury MA this AM.
5.5 hour drive. I enjoy the drive(s). I like the solitude and the music, gives me time to think.

what is the longest road trip you have been on?

mine---24 hours from Collingswood, NJ to Benntonville, AR 1,239 miles.


Chris said...

Well I have driven from Jersey down to Florida two times, which I think took 20 hours. The next longest trip would be Maine, which took about 12 hours.

flick said...

The longest trip I remember was to Maine..about 12 hours. I was involved in a road trip from Sherbrooke, Quebec to south-central Pa when I was like 2...don't really remember how long that took :)

mar said...

Humm...It took weeks, but we went from NJ to FL to Seattle WA, then to New Orleans. Saw most of the country.

Matt Jag said...

Thats not fair... The longest trip i ever took was from New York to Florida then up to Toronto..but Mrs. Margret wins it..

mar said...

Happy B Day Tate!!!!
I love you and miss you!!