Thursday, November 16, 2006


I was waiting for my sign guy to get to his shop, I had just dropped my brother off @ work, he had to be in @ 7:45AM. Since the sign guy was only 10 minutes from there I figured it w/b better to wait out the sign guy then go home.
Coffee was in order!

I decided to go to Coffee Works just typing their name makes me yearn for a cup of their joe.
I had left my Arsenal (British soccer team) hat in my pocket cause I thought that should it be cold I could look cool. I went on to the coffee shop and 'lo and behold! A potential car for Aryn! Honda, hmmmm....1997, 116K for 4,750 OBO...I am thinking 3,800-4,200. Looks well maintained. I took the info and went for coffee.
The guy @ the coffee shop was wearing an Arsenal shirt! No way you say? Absolutely! I took out my hat and we were in Arsenal heaven. His name was Joe, nice chap.
Then I went to get hot soft pretzels from the best soft pretzel maker in the world. South Jersey Pretzel. They even have a cool name. After all this....the point of my story?
While waiting for the sign guy for 45 minutes I decided to get Philadelphia magazine from Rite Aid, they didn't carry it. They did carry a magazine called NJ Life. Blew my mind. Did they have the name first or did I?
Well I bought it and it later became the first magazine that I have ever returned. Totally disappointing.
It was not a very interesting magazine. Tons of ads and an article about a wealthy woman who saved a llama. I got nothing out of it and I get something out of everything.

Go out and enjoy the day. I have tons
Everything is good right now....after all you live in America.

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