Friday, November 17, 2006


I found a link; . It was a link from someone who posted on Jag's site.
I typed in my said that there were zero people named Tate Perazzelli. Interesting.

On another note. I finally have disposed of all of my roof trash. I still have a few minor bundles of original cedar shake singles left to dispose of ( I figure they are at least 50 years old) but, I am basically complete with the trash. Of course we had major rain and wind this week and guess roof leaked in two places. I know the problem. It's not a big deal so relax.

Currently I am working on installing wood around our bedroom windows. In my infinite wisdom I took all the original wood out thinking I would replace it pronto...well that was a year ago. I am using walnut wood. It is worth the years wait.

Work is good.
Church is excellent.
Friends are awesome.
Family is bliss.

Ultimate Frisbee is this week. Rock on!

There are zero of many are there of you?

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