Thursday, January 26, 2012

...let justice roll down

But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream
Amos 5:24

Switchfoot put out a song- The Sound (John M. Perkins Blues)

After hearing them perform the song live, and hearing Jon Foreman talk about how this book - Let Justice Roll Down inspired the song, more to say that John Perkin's life, his love for God, his reaction and non-reactions of being a black man, born a sharecropper; who moved to start his family in California, but then following God's plan by moving to Mendenhall, Mississippi in the 1960's when at the height of establishing equal rights felt the pain and hurt, the destruction and saw 1st hand the wickedness of man, that John Perkins, that is what inspired this song; The Sound.

"John Perkins said it is the final fight"

"There is no song louder then love"

God will roll the justice down. It is His to call.

and when it rolls down, rolls like waters and His righteousness like an everlasting stream; that is what I want to it is - - ALL HIS....and not mine....that my battle, is maintaining His love, showing His love. My battle is exposing my other cheek and walking two miles. This love, this uncomprehendable love, it needs to be understood and embraced and embellished by everything we touch.

John Perkins....a man who had more reasons (I pray) then I will ever have to show justice, did not, and let God have the call of justice....may we do the same.

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