Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Path of Positivity

Paths are by choice. We get to choose them.

And once we chose then....well.....isn't how we react to the path and it undulating ways our choice(s) as well?

I have been struck by this comment all too often- People don't make you feel a certain way, it is your choice to feel whatever way you choose.

I feel like I am coming out of a tunnel of darkness, heading out into the light, but also knowing it is myself that choose to follow that path of darkness as well.

Today I learned this important fact- The #1 common factor among people who had a net-worth of a of 10 million dollars was this - - integrity

When following the paths of life and when given choices we have but one overall task and that is to be true to ourselves and who we define ourselves to be. 

By doing this I do believe we choose a path that is in the light. The bright shinning light. Light that is blinding and a light that can be, at times, blinding.

Being blinded by the light can only be a good thing.

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