Tuesday, February 28, 2012

juice fast 101

There's this movie- Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead by an Aussie fella by the name of Joe Cross. It was a well-done documentary movie that Mar and I recently watched. I highly recommend it.

Joe goes on a 60-day juice diet weighing in at 309 or so lbs and inspires other folks to do the same; one of whom who is over the 420+ lb mark. Of course the diet works for them.

My beautiful wife Margaret, is today, completing 30 days of juice only and has lost 16+ lbs. It has been an interesting journey. I tried to complete the last ten days with her and failed miserably after 1.5 days.

I am so proud of Mar. The sheer will-power to do nothing, but drink fresh made juice 3+ times daily has been nothing short of inspiring.

We have juiced so many different things; from onions and garlic to beets and cantaloupe. It is amazing how tasty juice is. Apples and pears are key ingredients....they just make everything taste better.

Her fave is what we call - carrot, apple, ginger- Basically equal amounts of carrot and apples and good healthy 1" or so piece of ginger root.

Tomorrow, when she is going to allow herself to eat some solid food she is going to go for some salads.

This diet has really helped my garden composting, in fact so much that I had to stop composting. We had a lot of fresh veggie and fruit scraps.

I married a beautiful woman....inside and out. No matter how she looks I love her, and what I love about this is that she feels good about herself. This makes me happy.

Check out the movie....it's really interesting....and if it moves you - - go buy a juicer.

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