Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Snow Moon

The Snow Moon is the February full moon. It was full last night, 2/7/2012 and it was beautiful. Tonight it snows albeit flurries and a mere coating, but how apt to have a snow with the moon so full. 

The moon is always a sight to behold whether it is but a sliver of a crescent , waxing or waning it is always most beautiful. 

The universe so vast it is not to be understood and a place where there are countless moons, but it only the one moon I know intimately and it is upon this moon I fix my gaze. The light of the full moon illuminating the darkness, it's light so white and bright as it dances across the sky. 

Like all light, it guides and the place it guides me is towards God for it is He that has made the moon in the sky. It tells me how I am nothing and everything simultaneously. 

The moon sets a peacefulness on my soul like God, it is always gentle, but yet powerful as is He. 

I love watching it wax and wane repeatedly, never tiring of it's infinite beauty and various shapes and hues. 

Look for it, see and feel it, for it is in this you can rest assured that God is ever present for God's presence, not always seen or felt, like the moon, is always present. Promise. 

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