Tuesday, June 26, 2012

compliments of haagen dazs V Bean Espresso

riding out to the "wa" at 10 PM on a weeknight to procure ice cream. Hmmmmmm....... Ben & Jerry's flavors seem unattractive and even the pickings of Haagen seem unlikely and my selfishness kicks in and I choose what I know will be all mine - something with coffee in it. 
Limited Edition Haagen Dazs Vanilla Bean Espressooooooooooooo

and, yes, the thought crossed my mind. does this have caffeine in it?

nah I thought.....spooning myself into delirium. 

well....let's just say it is ACTUALLY 4:23 AM 
1) read several chapters of Treasure Island
2) watched two episodes of American Pickers
3) laid in bed in vain wondering why I couldn't sleep
4) strolled the garden (twice)
5) drawn two pictures
6) not FB'd for fear of the time, but certainly perused
7) now- blogging

the spoils of selfishness once again

good night, 8 AM comes shortly

(tis a beautiful breezy night anyway...umm I mean morning)

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