Sunday, June 03, 2012


Dear Friend,

I hope you read and are inspired. I hope you visit again. I like you. I have always liked you. I am sorry if I hurt you. Please forgive me. If you really want to change---God offers that change, not me. God transforms people.That is my prayer.

There are no coincidences.




Anonymous said...

We are cool. REI

Anonymous said...

Yes, God transforms people! That is the truth. Sometimes people need people to support that transformation" and that "support" is needed from more than just one who is willing (you), but by many who proclaim their "brand" of transformation. When (they) advertise their "brand", they should represent that "brand". Why do those who proclaim their "brand" pass judgment on those who have not yet adopted that "brand"? Why does the seller judge the shopper if the shopper doesn't buy right away? What if the shopper is looking for a seller who believes in what he/she is selling? Whatever happened to "No taxation without representation?" Does this make sense to you? REI

Tate Perazzelli said...

Yes, encouragment from each other helps, but in the end it is up to us as individuals and not the reliance of others for our salvation or anything ALTHOUGH it is helpful and encouraging. Have you read the previous blog post on God's payback?
As to people not standing behind their brand and their judgement - isn't that something that has been going on since Adam and Eve and why are we holding a standard to them...shouldn't we be just holding ourselves accountable? What you say makes sense, but I can't spend my time judging those who judge or spend time worrying about what others think or say...I can only be worried (and I oft fail) about God. It is by the grace of God I go before you.

Anonymous said...

Good points, but this is not the idea I was aiming for. Not everything can be said online. Perhaps, we'll meet again when it's time to spend to save and if eligible earn a dividend to justify the purchase.