Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ch, Ch, Ch, Ch Changes.....

New and improved. 

Take an efficient and character filled bench and replace it
 with an artistically and aesthetically improved bench. 

When we separate each other from each other and stop providing for each other...
have we improved?

I wonder.....(actually I don't...wonder, that is)


Anonymous said...

Might the new bench have the gap in the middle to accomodate wheelchairs?

I would assume if the gap in the middle was designed that way to accodomate space for wheelchairs, then it would seem to me that people of disabilities can help "regular" folks on opposite ends see the fragility of life and bridge that gap with humility.

In a manner of speaking..

Tate Perazzelli said...

The changes were made to the benches to prevent people from laying on the benches. The middle portion is designed for a standing person to lean on and set their belongings on. The middle of the bench would be level with a person in a wheelchair's head and I would think not to comfortable. The old benches were aesthetically pleasing and in working condition. I don't like to see money spent when it should not be spent. Nothing was broken or wrong. The old bench was fine.