Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Dear God.....

Dear almighty and magnificent God, 

Thank you for today. 

From my waking moment to the day of work (which was good) and all that lied in between...it is for all of this I am grateful. I am most thankful for the people who showed me love today and can only pray I did the same for them dear Lord of Lords. 

Thank you for Matt, and Kenny and Rob and Sean and the people who sold me coffee and Joyce, and Vicki and Rick and Matthew and Terry and Holly and Andrea and Renee and Denise and Nick and John and Jennifer and Mary and Chrissy and Fatima and all of those who showed me encouragement good and gracious God...and as always thank you for Margaret the woman whom you have blessed me with. 

Thank you for teaching me your law today for which I must meditate on more freely and often. 

May God bless you all. 


Much affection, 


(Psalm 1)


Anonymous said...

Must be nice to experience love and fellowship from others?.. I knew Joyce hated me from the get-go. I guess she didn't want to manage a disability?! That's what I gathered anyway. I still forgave her. Christine and I said goodbye to Becky and others on Facebook. We couldn't find Christ's love through the people at the church. So, this is my last message through your blog and online. Take care.. Robert

Tate Perazzelli said...

The Collingswood Church of Christ is as imperfect of a church as there ever was.
In order to see the love of Christ anywhere one must first look at one's self. You know what you need to do to see that love. Make that choice.

Anonymous said...
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Tate Perazzelli said...

Twice you made comments and asked me to remove them and I have. Twice I have asked that you not comment on my blog and yet you continue. I now ask a third time....please do not comment on my blog. Thank you, Tate