Thursday, August 09, 2012

Paddling the ocean(s)

Last week we rented a paddle board. Here is a recap. 

Tues- The waves were challenging, but not often. The swells were small and manageable. 

Wed- It rained most of the day and in the late afternoon the sky cleared.We thought the ocean would be rough, but it was the opposite. Calm, smooth and like glass. 

Thurs- The wind was pushing the waves north and the tide was coming in and a sandbar caused the waves to break here and there. The paddling was difficult.

Fri- The ocean was very rough. The waves were stronger and more often. The wind pushed harder. Paddling south was futile. 

There were times I paddled far out into the ocean where a silence overtook me and the beach was just a small strip of land, all the moments took on new meanings. 

All that was left was the ocean, me and God. 

Today- The paddling continues and the conditions are yet unknown. All I have is myself and God in this ocean of life and it is on this that I rest. 

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