Tuesday, April 16, 2013

bears, bears and a pig or two

I woke up to the sound of the birds incessantly chirping, albeit in New Jersey, it could have been the jungles of Central America. It was not the birds that woke me, but the countless grizzlies/black bears and giant pigs haunting my mind as I slept. 

I had left the group, wandered away so to speak, and I could see everyone from afar, but I was ad mist the danger of the bears fast approaching me. I scurried down the side of the hill which was like a pueblo, thinking I could get back to my group. 

It was then I heard pig noises as I pressed against the wall and a pig the size of an large car rushed by. 

And then out in the distance....I saw her, the love of my life coming my way, hand outstretched. And I awoke. 

This made me think;
No matter how far I wander away from God. 

No matter how I fail to be good or do good to others.

No matter my transgressions on this earth. 

When I call on Him, He answers, He listens, He loves. 

His hand is outstretched.

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