Thursday, April 18, 2013

do u think u r more beautiful then u say?

"tell me about you?" 

"my mom told me I had a big jaw"

"I look closed off and fatter"

describe yourself, then listen to a stranger describe you

"her eyes, they lit up when she spoke" 
is someone else describing you, imagine it was you describing you
Is that far-fetched????

That is exactly how God describes you. It truly is. No matter what others have told you, including your parents, family, friends and enemies; 
God describes you with amazing beauty. 

Not just because He loves you, but because He LOVES YOU.
I have a friend who every time he leaves your presence he says, while looking in your eye ~ ~ "God loves you"


God loves ME!!!!!!

and he loves me for who I am 
not who I want to be
not who I used to be

not anything, 
but who I am


and He loves u 2 4 who u r 

special thanks to my favorite oldest child, Sean, for giving me the inspiration for this blog - CHIVE ON! - 

this will add insight

peace love grace

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