Thursday, April 25, 2013


imagine, if you will, that the most special moment(s) you ever had in life were always. 

that the happiness of those moments were for always. 

wouldn't that be something. 

I would love to freeze time forever. make the best days for always and never lose those emotions, those smiles and that happiness, that joy. 

but it goes away....doesn't it? Or does it?

that depends

what do you subscribe to?

do you subscribe to the world and it's ways?

Anderson Cooper is on CNN interviewing the Boston Fire Department
ESPN is broadcasting the NFL Draft
and somewhere, but not in my hotel room, the season finale of Project Runway is on

what if we subscribed to forever?
what if we all believed and...and....and....encouraged one another in that belief

would that belief come easier? 
would time become frozen....ahhhhhhhh

happiness in permanence

I think God calls it heaven

it is forever
it is always
encourage me
I will encourage you

there is nothing else, nothing else, but me...and you...nothing. 

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