Thursday, September 25, 2014

coffee two ways in Italy

Margaret and I visited St. Marks Basilica in Venice.

It was beyond verbal description. 

It was a place that begged your soul to feel God. 

The tourists had no souls as they visited. 

"There's a lot of ways to kill a man. 
There's a lot of ways to die. 
Yes, and some already dead who walk beside you." 
Ray LaMontagne

She lay covered as in a shroud at the exit of the basilica where thousands upon thousands of people passed, many not giving her so much as a glance. Her arm outstretched, holding a worn paper cup. 

She was praying more then begging. She was Jesus himself. She was more beautiful then any treasure of the basilica, yet I only saw her hand. Most stepped over her as they determined she was not worth a glance. May God not step over us. 

You can have your coffee two ways in Levanto, Italy; espresso and americano, but we cannot live our lives two ways. God sees our heart. Make it a good one. 

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