Monday, May 08, 2006

the coveted trip

Every year my friend and fellow hot pepper aficiando Bret and I head out to Cross Country Nursery north of Trenton NJ and buy exotic hot pepper plants. This grower bills herself as having the world's largest selection of chile plants....I think she has over 400 varieties. Its about an hours drive and when we are done our selection process we head down to New Hope PA and have Mexican food at the local Mexican eatery. Today's trip was, as always, exceptional. Bret and I usually refuel our minds on this trip and discuss church, families and life in general. I think Bret bought 12 types and I got about 14 of which I have given some to Darrin, Vince from Moe's and Rebecca at my daily coffee shop. This year I purchased six ornamental varities and will be putting them in my rock garden....I have already planted all but four of these plants as well as my annual basil supply.

When I was gardening I remembered why I garden or where I got my start. It was my Aunt Mim. She was actually my great aunt and she was a very influential person in my life and well as my siblings, my niece Emily is named after her. Aunt Mimi was an incredible person and my fondest memories of her were when we would pick a green bell pepper from the garden and she would encourage me to take a bite, which I tasted like summer. I miss her and I miss talking with her. She was serious family to me. I wish that I could tell her that, that I miss her and love her. She often called me Mary with my long hair in the mid 70's. She walked a lot and drank a lot of water. She never married, I never knew her to drive. She made living working for a cigar factory. She was born in 1908 a time that today seems long ago. I time when cars were not something everybody had. A time of no computers and no TVs.

Today we watch the world progress and we don't even realize the progress. I still remember the first time I saw a color was Fred Flintstone and I never knew Dino was purple or that Fred's "dress" (?) was orange. It freaked me out. I remember when man walked on the was a big deal.

Well the family has returned from Moe's, I skipped; I was still full from lunch.
Remember to tell your loved ones that you love them. Life is short.


flick said...

Hey man, that's a great story.

adam said...

Can I try to write a song about Mimi?

Also, I miss you like crazy man. I saw you called yesterday, but couldn't answer during my devo. I forgot my phone, but will have it by lunch and I will call you soon.

Eat a burrito for me sometime.

Anonymous said...

no one walked on the moon- it was a conspiracy