Wednesday, May 10, 2006


like the mail just came and I love getting the mail.....something about "the unknown" and lo and behold a small manilla envelope, possibly a I ebay quite a bit and my memory did not recall me waiting on anything but what the hey....Hand-written, to me from the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver....hmmmmm.......not even sealed....hmmmm....yes, a disc....


Their newest disc.....yowza!. Hold onto your horses folks!!

New devotchka!!! STRIKE UP THE BAND----
gotta listen----later

BTW----It was totally--totally FREE

peace out

LIKE OK--DeVotchKa is also playing the Northstar on 6/22.
now I just need an enthusastic partner to attend :(

the disc sounds good...much slower then previous stuff...more subtle, ballad-esque. have not fully LISTENED yet.

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adam said...

lucky dog.

when do I get mine?