Tuesday, May 16, 2006


The Repubs and the Dems woking together to form a united union that does not stand against them. I have been a registered voter and registered for the draft since February 9th, 1981, my 18th birthday. I took great pride in voting in my first presidental election as much then as I do now. I was a registered Independent. Not of the Independent Party mind you, just an average john doe that did not align with any major party, namely the Republicans and the Democrats for reasons of which I will spare you.

In the cleaning out of my old mail I came across the formal letter from my county, there has been a change in the law. Law, P.L. 2005, C. 153; the category of "Independent" voter has been eliminated and since I am a voter who chooses not to affliate with a political party or group I will now be considered an "Unaffiliated" voter.

YOU KNOW WHAT? I like being unaffiliated and I like it a lot.

Hey lawmakers!!! Can you hear me???? I want more then two "viable" choices!! OK?!
Spread the love or in this case the money to other parties so I can pick an unaffiliated person.

Sorry folks....I just want to create a Disney everywhere till I get to heaven.

'nite- tate

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Nader 2008