Monday, May 22, 2006

mondays and tuesdays and wednesdays et al

so begins another week as another weekend comes to an end.
what a life we lead.
lets see....friday and saturday----race day in the pine barrens
Sat nite @ Moes!! HOT---HOT---HOT

Sunday----worship God and jump out of my box with a bit of a prayer request---Aub's and Dawn were in town...really, really sweet having them here.

Mon AM drop off two cars at the repair shop....can't wait for that to complete :(

Forgot to add that I stopped at an awesome garden ctr on some really cool plants at good prices.

Life is good.

Visitor from corporate today and a trip to NYC tomorrow.
All the while....may Christ shine out from me during all this.

True intentions
What matters
none of this save leading others to know and live for Him who gives life.

I hope and pray that my example reflects that.

in closing----the sky is awesome the temps are sweet and i feel that sometimes I really need to do a reality check.

testing 1 2 4


life is NOT a test of the Emergency Broadcast System so don't be proactive

love one another
be kind

E. Vedder once said: There are no rights and wrongs only good and bad

Be good.....K?

Love ya!


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