Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It Happened

Amazing was right, it didn't happen exactly the way he said, but it was close.

I have not played the guitar for about 8 days and I have picked my guitar up a few times in the last week, but I haven't played for a stretch. I have been itching to feels great when I play and I enjoy learning the craft.

So I got up extra early @ 5:50AM to prepare for a day in NYC at the National Stationary Show, more greeting cards then you would ever want to see. More Blackberries and Treos then you would ever want to see...we do lead a busy life, don't we?

I came home to an empty house. I watered my garden. My favorite daughter came home snuck up behind me whilst I was watering the garden and freaked me out. I ate an apple. I checked and responded to my emails. I looked at the mail. I got changed and I picked up my needed tuning and during the tuning process a string broke. I replaced the string and being fully in tune began to play. My daughter was in her room and she was also doing some wash so she would go by me from time to time. As is customary, she ignored my playing. In my daughter's presence, for some strange reason, I play best. I unabashedly play and sing for no fear of criticism. My wife, the beautiful one doesn't critique my playing nor does anyone really, but when my favorite daughter is "in the house" while I play...I play confidently.

I played some Springsteen and another song or two as I leafed thru my song listings and then I came to Heroes. I love to sing this song while I play and I really get into the singing portion of it. I also have the chords down fairly well and when I was just over 1/2 way thru the song my favorites daughter's boyfriend, "Bad News Johnny" walked in....BTW---He isn't really "bad news" we just call him that. I continued to play acknowledging Johnny visually and him me. I could tell he was enjoying the song and the next thing you know...he sat down and listened to me complete the song and was tapping his foot. Thank God for small miracles.

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flick said...

Small acts of encouragement go a long way, yes?