Thursday, July 31, 2008

everyday = a blessing

It's absolutely amazing how will throw his world at your attempts to be Christ-like and spread the news about Jesus.
Being thankful---have you EVER lived w/o food??? No, really....EVER?!
Have you had to endure even just one full day of no electricity or water in your house?!
Maybe we need to have some experiences like that so that we will truly be thankful for what we already have---those things that we take for granted---
Most of the world does not have what those who can connect to the internet can see and read here.....most of the world lives in poverty that would shake/rattle and roll your world.
So what do we do with all this?
get on our knees and thank God for blessing you so abundantly
see others the way God sees them and do not be shy about offering to do what needs to be done for others
let others know who is your life force
give up what you have
yup....give it up.
You know where your treasure is and that's all you need!
( Dear reader, this is a note to me, myself and I. You don't need to do anything with it. When I can write this way....I feel better. Last nite my plumbing clogged and for the first time ever rose over the kitchen sink with a black vile water. My basement drain access erupted with sewage and I spent five hours repairing my plumbing till 12:30 AM last nite......and in the end. I got a shower with clean, hot and cold water in a house that God gave me....thank you)

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