Friday, July 11, 2008

the job

Huey Lewis & the News
For you people into the 80's this was about as pop as you could get.
Go ahead click the youtube link and listen to the song as you read the post.

ahhhh......the job!

The workplace.
The place and/or thing I do to support my family.

For so long, I have worked so hard and allowed work to identify who I am.

I take my job to seriously.

I work at it as if working for God, but problem is that sometimes, I would say it is looking like I put my job before God. (blogging is like journaling.....just public, it helps you work things out)

I had to make a decision this week about work and play and play won. It is not normal. I am always able to fit things in for the betterment of the company and this time I did not. It is/was hard for me to decide this, but I did it.

So Mr. J O B----that's what you are, a job and as my wife, the beautiful one said, (who just left for Cali!! ) what I will be doing the week in question, the week that Mr. J O B asked me to squeeze a day out of.....what I will be doing that week is work that will impact and last a lifetime.
and that my friends----trumps all!

love ya'


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