Thursday, April 12, 2012

Boy's Town

Most would think that Boy's Town is a fictitious place, but it is not. This is Boy's Town @Camp Manatawny where as an adult I have done a lot of growing up. 

My home for many years was one week a year at Boy's 5 right smack in the middle of 80+ budding boys growing into men. 

I am struck with so much emotion right now. I am remembering a friend who passed at 26 years of age; Alex. What words can I use to tell you about Alex? Authentic, honest, warm, loving, peaceful, STRONG and Jesus. 

There are many whom we come to know and Alex showed the love of Christ as well as any I have known. Alex's heart was like the heart of God, made in His image and truly a heart that was guarded and attractive. 

It is in the this I do think there is a key to life. The attractiveness of Alex's heart. You see Alex showed God by His heart, yes God's very heart living in him and this was attractive. It was attractive to me. 

One can only pray to have a heart like His. 

Alex, I know with all of my heart, mind and soul that I will one day be with you in spirit. This is true for God has told me this. Much love. Tate

((it is in Boy's Town where I came to know Alex. What time I spent with him will be remembered))

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