Thursday, April 26, 2012


Evolving is a what we are all doing, yet I always seem to be taking steps backwards and not forwards. The more I believe and accept my faults, I do believe, I slowly but surely progress forward. evolving into a better man. 

At least in God's eyes I know I do.

Oh, the errors I make over and over, at times never ceasing. 

The beauty of God overtakes me his grace washing over me and never ceasing in how many times He forgives me. Over and over and over.

I continue to err, I continue to be human, I am not happy about my imperfections, but I am happy that He grants me grace for He is good. 

May all of our hearts show love, may we embrace each other and not push away. May we begin to truly have and know humility for He is good. 

May we evolve into God fearing, God loving people who pray for wisdom and understanding and may that understanding become a part of our very fabric for He is good. 

God we cry out to you, with our hearts open to your love - - grant us understanding that we may see others as you see them. May not our own judgement cloud our vision, but may the clouds be lifted to see others as you do. Please Father help us to see as we are. 

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