Tuesday, May 14, 2013



The first tool I bought after the purchase of 505 Harrison Avenue in Collingswood, NJ (where I live), a monkey wrench, a large monkey wrench. We had a plumbing issue, which still persists to this day, 24 years later (albeit occasionally). 

I remember using this wrench, getting to the issue, working it over and over, and finally succeeding, although an issue still persists to this day.

I've not used this wrench since, well maybe once or twice very briefly, but mainly out of fondness. 

These experiences have added up to life. 

There have been other experiences, some in travels and some in daily routine commutes, They all add up to life. 

There was that time I chopped down a 30' maple, or the time I carted a Christmas tree to my daughter's to find it didn't fit in her stand. And then there was the moments we picked out the tree that did. 

There was the experience of almost routing my thumb off with a Roman Ogee bit (woodworkers?). And the times I didn't have my homework complete. 

Everything adds up to life. 

There was the time I gave away the medical scrubs in Honduras to find out I should not have. 

There were times I were snookered and times I did the snookering (not so proud of those). 

These were all times. All moments. All experiences. 


Minutes of life leading up to life.

We all need to take advantage of these experiences. 
We all need to understand these moments make up a life. 
We all need to use that life. 
use it for each other
for that is life

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