Thursday, May 16, 2013

this world is not my home

I think of God and Jesus daily. I don't understand those that don't. God's word says pray for understanding and I do, but I don't understand those that have not reconciled death. Maybe they have reconciled and I just don't like their reconciliation(s)

The reconciliation for death, for me, is God, the Son and the Holy Ghost. 

I have searched my world and have experienced a vortex in Sedona, some weird stuff with a ouija board, but I  have not yet been to India, the Holy Land or Mecca. I have felt the Holy Spirit amongst mere men (and woman). I see Jesus in others eyes and hearts and on occasion I see evil in the eyes and hearts of men (and woman) and that evil turns my stomach (turns my stomach not in a judgemental way, but out of fear).

Today I saw evil again. It was fierce and piercing. It hurt my heart. 
I heard that evil, and amongst the pain caused by that evil I felt a collective uprising of hope, truth and love going against this evil.

I have reconciled. I am heaven bound and when I doubt, and I do, like a Christmas train falling off it's track, someone always picks me up and places my wheels back on that track, they push me back and forth a few times and then let me go.

May God bless you. 

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