Friday, May 03, 2013

not giving up, not ever

Many people were attempting to successfully invent a light bulb, but it was Thomas Edison who did. 

Ever think about how he just kept at it? He had to figure it out. Creating a vacuum in the glass, figuring out what type of metal would hold the light. Over and over and over, again and again?

Today I cut granite slabs and I've never done that and after talking to some people determined that with the proper blade in a circular saw and with some water it could be done. 

I have to tell you that 1/2 way through the first cut, I was ready to give up. The saw blade bucked and then froze as the saw's engine let out a "I'm frozen" hum. It freaked me out. This is a 5' x 18", two inch thick piece of granite. Some serious, heavy, thick stone and my saw was not cutting it...literally. Am I going to get through this. I have a lot of cuts to make!! How is this going to work. Should I just.....give up?

I called a friend. 

She told me kinda what I already knew and was doing, she said yes, of course it can be done. She mentioned using a lot of water. 

I hung up, thought about what she had said

I said okay....more water, okay push down on the saw and okay let's see this through. I did. 

After each cut, I figured out something a little better to do. How to break the granite apart, how to properly disperse the water, how to do this and that, but yet, I was going to give up. Seriously give up. 

It was hard. 
It took all day. 
It's far from perfect (the cuts that is) and my ground is nice and muddy. 

But, I cut granite. Seriously thick granite. 

I often think about those telemarketers that always call. How do they do it? Why don't they give up? How to they have the spirit to call the next person, time after time after time?
They don't give up. 

Neither should we, not ever. 

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Tate Perazzelli said...

So far I've gone through two 35.00 blades and could use another for my last few cuts, but will hold out. My fairly new circ saw may not make it though. It's taking a beating.